首页什么是PPC? 学习点击付费营销的基础知识

什么是PPC? 学习点击付费营销的基础知识

Whether you’ve heard a little about PPC marketing 和 are curious to learn more, or you already know that you want to use PPC to market your business, 但不确定从哪里开始, 你来对地方了! 这是第一课 PPC大学, a set of three guided courses that will teach you everything you need to know about PPC 和 how to make it work for you.

First, we’ll need to define PPC 和 establish a basic underst和ing of how PPC advertising works. 让我们去!


PPC 代表 点击付费, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. 本质上, 这是购买网站访问量的一种方式, 而不是试图有机地“争取”这些访问.

搜索引擎广告是最受欢迎的点击付费形式之一. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. 例如, 如果我们投标的关键字“PPC软件,” our ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page.


每次我们的广告被点击, 发送访客到我们的网站, 我们必须向搜索引擎支付一小笔费用. 当 PPC 工作正常,费用微不足道,因为 这次旅行比你付的钱更有价值. 换句话说, 如果我们为一次点击支付3美元, 但是点击的结果是300美元的销售额, 那我们就赚了一大笔钱.

A lot goes into building a winning PPC campaign: from researching 和 selecting the right 关键字, to organizing those 关键字 into well-organized campaigns 和 ad groups, 到设置PPC登录页面,以优化转换. Search engines reward advertisers who can create relevant, intelligently targeted 点击付费广告 通过降低广告点击的费用. 如果你的广告和登陆页面是有用的,让用户满意, 谷歌每次点击收费更少, 为您的业务带来更高的利润. So if you want to start using PPC, it’s important to learn how to do it right.


Google Ads is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. The Ads platform enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine 和 other Google properties.

谷歌广告采用点击付费模式, in which users bid on 关键字 和 pay for each click on their advertisements. 每次搜索开始的时候, Google digs into the pool of Ads advertisers 和 chooses a set of winners to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page. “赢家”是根据多种因素选出的, including the quality 和 relevance of their 关键字 和 ad campaigns, 以及他们的关键字出价的大小.

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更具体地说, who gets to appear on the page is based on 和 advertiser’s Ad Rank, 将两个关键因素相乘计算出的指标 中国共产党 出价(广告商愿意支付的最高金额)和 质量分 (a value that takes into account your click-through rate, relevance, 和 l和ing page quality). This system allows winning advertisers to reach potential customers at a cost that fits their budget. 这本质上是一种拍卖. 下面的信息图表说明了这一点 谷歌广告拍卖是如何运作的.


在我们的帖子中了解更多 谷歌广告是如何运作的?

Conducting PPC marketing through Google Ads is particularly valuable because, 作为最受欢迎的搜索引擎, Google gets massive amounts of traffic 和 therefore delivers the most impressions 和 clicks to your ads. 你的PPC广告出现的频率取决于哪个 关键字匹配类型 你选择. While a number of factors determine how successful your PPC advertising campaign will be, 你可以通过专注于:

  • 关键字的相关性 -制作相关的PPC关键词列表,紧凑 关键字组和适当的 广告文本.
  • 着陆页质量 -创建具有说服力的优化登陆页面, 相关内容和明确的行动呼吁, 针对特定的搜索查询.
  • 质量分 – 质量分 is Google’s rating of the quality 和 relevance of your 关键字, 登陆页面, 和PPC活动. Advertisers with better 质量分s get more ad clicks at lower costs.
  • 有创意的 – Enticing ad copy is vital; 和 if you’re advertising on the display network, 你可以使用像我们免费的工具 智能广告创造者 创造需要点击的设计师质量的广告.


关键字研究 for PPC can be incredibly time-consuming, but it is also incredibly important. 你的整个付费广告活动都是围绕关键词展开的, 和 the most successful Google Ads advertisers continuously grow 和 refine their PPC keyword list. 如果你只做一次关键词研究, 当你创建你的第一个活动, 你可能会错过成千上万有价值的东西, 长尾, low-cost 和 highly relevant 关键字 that could be driving traffic to your site.


  • 有关 -当然,你不会想要付钱的 网络流量 那跟你的事无关. 你要找到有针对性的关键词,这将导致更高的 PPC点击率,有效的每次点击成本,以及增加的利润. That means the 关键字 you bid on should be closely related to the offerings you sell.
  • 详尽的 – Your keyword research should include not only the most popular 和 frequently searched terms in your niche, 但也 搜索的长尾. 长尾关键词更具体,更不常见, but they add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic. In addition, they are less competitive, 和 therefore less expensive.
  • 广阔的 - PPC是迭代的. 你想要不断完善和扩大你的活动, 和 create an environment in which your keyword list is constantly growing 和 adapting.

如果你想找到高容量的, 在你的PPC活动中使用特定行业的关键词, 一定要看看我们的 热门关键字.


一旦你创建了新的活动, you’ll need to manage them regularly to make sure they continue to be effective. In fact, regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success. You should be continuously analyzing the performance of your account 和 making the following adjustments to optimize your campaigns:

  • PPC添加关键字: Exp和 the reach of your PPC campaigns by adding 关键字 that are relevant to your business.
  • 添加-关键字: Add non-converting terms as negative 关键字 to improve campaign relevancy 和 reduce wasted spend.
  • 将广告组: Improve click-through rate (CTR) 和 质量分 by splitting up your ad groups into smaller, 更相关的AD组, 这能让你更有针对性 广告文本登陆页面.
  • 回顾昂贵的PPC关键词: Review expensive, under-performing 关键字 和 shut them off if necessary.
  • 完善登陆页面: Modify the content 和 calls-to-action (CTAs) of your 登陆页面 to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates. 不要把你所有的流量都发送到同一个页面.

You’ll learn more about all of these elements of PPC campaign management as you move forward through the coursework in PPC大学.

If you’re a local business wanting to learn more about local PPC, head to LOCALiQ Marketing Lab’s 当地的PPC课程.

如果您已经准备好开始使用PPC,请跳过这一步来学习 如何建立谷歌广告帐户.

如果您已经有一个广告帐户,我们建议您使用我们的 免费谷歌广告性能分级 来帮助你找到需要改进的地方. 60秒或更短, you’ll receive a customized report grading your account performance in 9 key areas, 包括点击率, 质量评分和账户活动.

Now that you’ve read up on how to get started with PPC, download the 完成PPC 101指南 来启动你的PPC成功!




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