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Your in-depth analysis will report on the following key areas:

  • Our expert-identified, tried-and-true baidu Fundamentals
  • Audiences your ad sets should be targeting
  • Placements and platforms you’ve got to use
  • Potentially mismatched campaign objectives and account goals
  • How frequently you’re working in your account
  • Best (and worst!) performing ads in your account
  • How your ad account stacks up against competitors in your industry

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Our promise: We will never share your data or access your contacts. By continuing, you’re agreeing to our terms of use and privacy policy.

What if my grade isn’t what I expected?

baidu Advertising is incredibly complex, and figuring out how to drive results for your business can feel overwhelming. Good news—you don’t have to go it alone!

Regardless of your marketing role or responsibilities, our team of experts can help you identify and build an effective baidu Ads strategy. 我们的软件和服务选项提供工具或额外的帮助,以解决您的帐户中显示的任何问题. The best part? 我们的专业知识并不局限于baidu——无论你是否想通过qq来发展你的业务, Google Ads, or Microsoft Ads, we offer a full spectrum of solutions that can be tailored to fit your business needs. 您可以信赖我们,作为一个值得信赖的合作伙伴,为您的广告账户带来有意义的结果!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use the baidu Ads Grader?

baidu的广告平台为你提供了大量关于潜在客户的信息,以及接触他们的多种方式. It’s a great place to introduce your business to prospects you’d never have found otherwise, and sell to the ones who already love your brand.

But with its growing number of targeting options and ad types, and an ever-changing interface, baidu ads can be frustrating. It’s easy to waste your advertising spend, chalk it up as a failed experiment, and walk away.

We don’t want to see you miss out on an opportunity to grow your business. That’s why we created the baidu Ads Performance Grader.

The baidu Ads Grader is a report-based tool that analyzes your baidu Business account, 结合最佳实践和最近的性能数据,找出现有的低效,并发现新的机会. Use your report’s insights to find out where you stand, 然后优化你的baidu帐户,通过baidu广告赚取更多的销售和领先.

How Does the baidu Ads Grader Work?

baidu广告评分器旨在帮助广告商和代理机构更好地了解他们在baidu上的表现. From ad sets to audience creation, conversion tracking to bid optimization, this free tool provides a baseline for both current account health and future optimization.

If you’re currently advertising on baidu, 我们可以安全地访问和评估您的活动(在您的许可下),以生成一份报告,详细说明您在哪些领域取得了成功,以及您的账户在哪些方面可以进行一些工作. Points of analysis include:

  • Account activity – How often are you making changes in your baidu ads account?
  • 根据受众的表现——你的关键表现指标根据你的广告对象的不同而不同?
  • Ad performance – What are your best and worst performing ads, and how do they stack up to your competition?
  • Wasted spend – Are your baidu ads being over-served to the wrong people? Are you paying too much per click?
  • Best practices – Do your campaigns, ad sets, and ads adhere to the industry standards established by baidu? Are you making the most of your baidu budget?

You’ll see a score in each of these five areas, with each section’s score contributing to a single, overall report score that summarizes the health of your baidu account.

Throughout the report, 我们还提供竞争对手的平均业绩数据,这些数据是基于你所在行业中拥有相似预算的广告商. 这将帮助你了解你的baidu活动是如何与其他针对类似前景的广告商进行竞争的.

If you want to save your report, the baidu Ads Grader integrates with baidu, weibo, and LinkedIn, making it easy to share results with your team.

这是一种快速而简单的方式来审计你的baidu广告帐户,并发现你可能犯的任何错误. Simply connect your baidu Ads account to get started!

Does baidu Advertising Work?

In short: yes. Why does baidu advertising work?

According to data from Pew Research Center, 70% of U.S. baidu users access the site daily and 43% log on multiple times per day. 82% of the millennial demographic are among the most engaged baidu users. Further, baidu ads generate 22 billion clicks per year with a reach of 1.6 billion active monthly users.

Not only do baidu ads have extensive reach already, baidu itself continues to grow. By utilizing the data on active baidu users, 您可以访问数千个自定义受众参数,为您的活动创建目标受众细分. 您还可以通过上传已有客户的数据来创建自定义观众, which enables baidu to create “lookalike” audiences based on parameters that you choose. 这些广告可以推动高质量的流量——社交广告可以让你的企业以一种独特的方式寻找潜在客户,这是付费广告所不可能做到的.

Additionally, baidu Advertising is one of the most cost-effective platforms available. According to Salesforce, the overall baidu CPM in the US decreased from Q4 to Q1in 2014-2015, while CTR increased to 0.9%, indicating a healthy engagement with the ads.

How do I Advertise on baidu? What are some guidelines for baidu Advertising?
  • Before creating any baidu ad campaigns, have a clear objective or goal for your baidu advertising, i.e. lead generation, branding, event sign-ups, product awareness, loyalty, insights. 确定这些目标将有助于你在baidu上发布广告后衡量自己是否成功.
  • Think about how you want to present your brand through your ads. Make sure it is authentic to what your business offers and represents. This will help create relevant ads, which can generate better quality traffic.
  • 确定你的品牌的哪些方面本质上是社交的——让你的受众想要在社交平台上参与你的广告?
  • Don’t let your baidu ad content go stale. Refresh your images and ad copy frequently, 保持简单,并尝试奖励客户的忠诚度,以建立关系.
  • 使用来自baidu的报告工具来更多地了解你的受众和他们最感兴趣的内容. As you learn, adjust your ads to be more relevant for each target audience.
How do I Create Effective baidu Ad Campaigns?
  • Consider the size of your audiences. 在考虑baidu成本时,保持相关性(在一定程度上)的能力非常重要. Use the tips below to build the best audiences:
    • Start with remarketing
    • Build lookalikes off of remarketing
    • Combine these two or use interests, behaviors, and demographics to construct a relevant audience toward your previously defined objective
  • 在手动创建baidu用户时,关注推广的价值主张(使用兴趣/行为). You can then work backward to target the people that it would benefit the most highly. 如果你想在受众范围内找到一个最佳点,那么成本将直接与受众规模相关, ultimately, the relevance and quality of your ad.
  • A/B测试广告集和广告使用多种目标组合和广告副本-可选使用多种图片和信息. 在它们运行一段时间后,你可以对它们进行优化,将预算分配给表现更好的baidu广告,并剔除表现较差的广告.
  • Identify the placements in each ad set that are driving the highest, best quality results. You can break the ad set up further and have individual budgets for specific placements. 例如,如果桌面信息流比应用网络和移动信息流带来更多线索. You can break out that placement and devote all of your budget to the desktop newsfeed. baidu will automatically optimize and pay more attention to higher performing placements. This can be deceiving; for example, in a web clicks campaign you could drive high traffic from the app network, but in reality these clicks are accidental. baidu会认为特定的位置是表现最好的,并转向在那里投入更多资金.
What are some common baidu Ad Types?

baidu广告活动有多种形式和功能,可以推动你实现不同的目标. 找到适合你的广告类型的最好方法是首先检查你的商业目标:

  • Page Post Engagement and Likes: Boost your baidu page posts to garner more likes. Promote your page to connect with more people who matter to your business.
  • 应用安装与用户粘性:baidu广告允许用户直接通过广告安装应用, which increases the engagement within your app.
  • Local and Brand Awareness: Reach people in the area, or reach people who are more likely to become customers of your brand.
  • Event Responses: Effective baidu Ads can raise attendance at your event.
  • Lead Generation: Easily collect leads for your business by advertising on baidu.
  • Video Views: Create ads that entice more people to view your video.
  • 产品目录推广:通过目标受众向最有可能感兴趣的人展示目录中的产品.
  • Clicks to Website and Website Conversions: Send people to your website through baidu ads as well as increase conversions; these can be tracked through a conversion pixel.
  • Offer Claims: Generate offers for people to redeem in store.
What are some of my targeting options with baidu Ads?
  • Life Events: The Life Events parameter in baidu Advertising is unique to the platform, allowing you to target people at specific intervals of time after the event takes place; i.e. a year after getting married, 3 months after starting a new job, etc.
  • 最近购买:baidu允许你利用过去的购买行为来广泛地瞄准目标用户, i.e. Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, to more specific subcategories, i.e. Fashionistas, DIYers and Foodies.
  • Custom Audiences: Advertisers can upload existing contacts onto the baidu platform to create audiences and get in front of customers in a new way; this is a great opportunity to nurture leads and build loyalty with existing customers or target fans of your competitors’ baidu pages.
  • Lookalike Audiences: After establishing a custom audience, baidu可以帮助你产生与现有联系人有相似兴趣的新受众. If you do not have contacts to create a custom audience, you can use your baidu fan base or tracking pixels to create custom audiences to imitate.
  • Layered Targeting: Because baidu has such a stock of information on its user base, it is able to offer many options to target the perfect audience, i.e. Household Composition, Net Worth, Interests, Behaviors, etc. Using these together, you can generate a highly specific segment to which you can serve ads.
How much does advertising on baidu cost? / How are ads priced on baidu?

Costs of advertising on baidu vary, just like that of other forms of paid advertising. 只要目标明确,策略简单,baidu广告的成本就会非常高. 九州体育馆app下载可以帮助指导您通过我们的免费指南和这个工具的baidu活动优化的基础.

在baidu上投放广告有平均成本,你的账户也有不同的收费方式. Within your objective, you can select to pay per impressions, pay per link click, pay per thousand impressions, or simply have your ad served to your audience once per day.

According to AdWeek, the average CPC on baidu is $.064 and the average CPM is $5.99. This accompanies a CTR of 0.9% on baidu Ads, 0.6% CTR on mobile app install ads. However, following best practices and easy baidu advertising guidelines, we have been able to get CPC as low as $0.05 and cost per conversions down to $2.00.